Hatchfield Farm


• An alliance of residents and local businesses and organisations has been formed to protect Newmarket from Lord Derby’s second attempt to tear up Hatchfield Stud Farm

• Lord Derby’s proposed major housing development (400 houses) threatens thousands of jobs in Newmarket's world-leading racing and breeding industries

What is it?

The proposed development at Hatchfield Farm of 400 new-build houses is enough to have caused key employers to warn they will leave Newmarket if the disastrous plans are approved.

But this application is for less than half of what Lord Derby really wants - he has consistently refused to rule out that he will again apply for another 800 more houses, and a large industrial estate if he is successful, an 80 bedroom hotel, retail space, bars, restaurants, fast food outlets and 27,000 square metres of commercial units. 

Why not?

Newmarket , a unique, historic, rural market town, has been the UK and world’s HQ of racing since 17th Century, and this development will make it unfeasible to maintain, let alone develop, this economically important core industry which is the town’s lifeblood employing around 50% of the town’s population.

It will urbanise the town making it unsuitable for training and breeding racehorses and result in the eventual demise of the town as HQ.

Totally unnecessary - no need to build a single house on a greenfield site in Newmarket area to meet current government targets, there are enough brownfield sites to meet requirements.

This sort of development is not in line with Conservative policy on localism.

Why is it happening?

Stimulated by Forest Heat District Council’s (FHDC) quick fix approach to meet government targets

FHDC’s lack of understanding of the economic importance of core industry, racing

Lord Derby’s desire to monetize his assets regardless of the propriety, he is one of the wealthiest landowners in the country

What do we want?

FHDC needs to put a stop to this needless Hatchfield farm development by taking it out from the housing development strategy. All major developments should be assessed for impact on the town’s core racing industry.

Developer should withdraw the development proposal.