01 Sep - 2016

Amidst huge relief, Lord Derby's application to tear up Hatchfield Farm has been rejected by the Government.

We are grateful beyond words to the Secretary of State, who understands that Newmarket's world-leading racing industry and the jobs of the many thousands of people it employs, are worth saving.

Read the Secretary of State's report here.


15 Sep - 2015

Deloitte's report on Horseracing in Newmarket has been published, showing Newmarket's stables and studs support 8,500 direct and indirect jobs, and make a £208m economic contribution. They also found the Home of Horseracing to be a unique racing centre – no comparable location in the world with the same history, scale, diversity and concentration of racing interests.

The Secretary of State's decision on Lord Derby's plants to tear up Hatchfield Farm has been delayed to December 2015 in order to take this, and other new evidence, into account.

Some of the other findings were that Newmarket has:

1,000+ registered racehorse owners with horses trained in Newmarket

Very substantial inward investment from international investors in the NHRI - £75m+ annual expenditure by the largest of these investors

Been used as a unique selling point of British Racing to international investors

The HQ of many of the world’s largest global racing investors - including Darley/Godolphin and Juddmonte

Driver and epicentre of the vital international investment in British Racing, also acts as an enabler for non-Racing investment by these parties

Centre for British Breeding industry, progeny of Newmarket standing stallions responsible for over 75% of prize money won by British bred horses 

The HQ of many of the world’s largest global racing investors - including Darley/Godolphin and Juddmonte 

The home of Tattersalls, the largest bloodstock auction house in Europe

The full report can be found here

01 May - 2015

All the files full of data, maps, surveys and witness statements have been cleared away so that order can resume in the Council Chamber at Forest Heath District Council.

On the final day of the three0week inquiry, the inspector heard closing speeches from the Newmarket Horsemen's Group, Lord Derby's (Hatchfield Farm) Group and Forest Heath District Council.

The Horsemen's Group again reiterated fears of the irreparable damage the development would do to the racing industry in their closing speech.

David Elvin QC said: "The proposals present a risk to the horse racing industry (HRI) which, given the importance of the HRI and its need for a high level of protection, is unacceptable."

"No other town in the UK, or even Europe, has such a role, such connections or such character. No other town has thoroughbred horses crossing through its centre on a daily basis of such value and in such numbers or indeed horse crossings that are probably the busiest in the UK if not in Europe." 

"Given its importance, it is neither sensible nor appropriate to wait for harm to occur, and the recent successes of the HRI is not the guarantee of resilience assumed by the applicant."

Lord Derby's QC Christopher Boyle repeated the Earl's utterly discredited claim that building 400 homes (most costing £400,000 or more) on stud land would benefit Newmarket! 

Ignoring the long list of all the negatives the 400 dwellings would mean to Newmarket, he claimed the money Lord Derby would have to pay as part of a 'Section 106 agreement' with the Council could be used to marginally increase safety at Rayes Lane 

The obligation to build 120 affordable homes will doubtless prove to be unviable.

The Site Specific Allocations and Single Issue Review is due to go out to public consultation in June which should give confirmation of the number and possible distribution of housing in the District. 

If he is to make a profit of over £40 million by threatening the over 3,000 good jobs in Newmarket and over 100, Lord Derby would need to find a developer willing to purchase the land who would then have to apply for detailed planning permission at a later stage.

Of course, it would be infinitely better for the District Council to consider the development once the sites and figures have been ratified.


Further, now the District has a five year land supply it is no longer appropriate for Lord Derby an inheritor of extraordinary wealth to try his hand as a speculative property developer to make millions for himself.

01 Aug - 2014

In fantastic news for Newmarket, the appeal against Lord Derby's disastrous plans to build 400 houses on his stud farm outside Newmarket have been 'called in' by Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, the Rt. Hon Eric Pickles MP.

The application was rejected by Newmarket Town Council, and was rejected by all Newmarket's District Councillors at Forest Heath District Council. However, District Councillors who do not live in or around Newmarket voted for the damaging scheme. Newmarket residents have already appealed the decision.

11 Jul - 2014

Lord Derby's deeply unpoular application to build 400 houses on Hatcfield Stud Farm was approved today - but only by councillors whose constitents will not be affected by the development.

Newmarket's five representatives on the planning committee unanimously rejected the proposals.

The plans were approved by a margin of 10-5, with only councillors from Mildenahll and Brandon, Forest Heath's other towns, voting for them.

Save Historic Newmarket, Newmarket Horsemans Group and other members of Newmarket's alliance are extremely disappointed, but will appeal in the hope that economic sense and the spirit of localism will prevail and thousands of jobs in Newmarket's horse racing industry will not be threatened.

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