Growing traffic concerns in Hatchfield battle

The town council told him 'No'. The district council told him 'No'. A High Court judge told him 'No'. But Lord Derby is now appealing to government planning inspectors to overturn the elected councillors' decision having engaged in an unsuccessful legal action against local residents and businesses who oppose his plans to build a major housing development in Newmarket.

In preparing to drop two of the original grounds for refusal of Lord Derby's planning application, council officers, led by FHDC's strategic director Nigel McCurdy, appear to be preparing to undermine councillors' and local residents' concerns that a major increase in traffic would be disastrous for the thousands of horses which cross Newmarket's roads every day.

A recent traffic report by a FHDC-appointed expert is not consistent with the same expert's draft report produced for the council only a few weeks earlier, in which it was indicated that the likely major increase in traffic is completely unsustainable and would be deeply damaging to the town's core industry. This, of course, is what local residents, businesses and horsemen have said all along.

Please join us at the meeting at Forest Heath's offices in Mildenhall at 6pm on Wednesday, 22nd June.